Thursday, December 28, 2017

Debris Removal a Great Start to Rebuilding our Community

As the local government continues their effort to rebuild our community, the City of Gatlinburg and Sevier county passed a resolution that affects private property that still has debris from the wild fire. They require debris to be removed by the end of this year. 

For those individuals that need assistance, the property owners must apply by completing a Debris Removal Form.  By signing the form these allow local officials to check property and perform damage assessment.  

The new program can provide services to any eligible applicants such as removal of any wildfire debris, demolition of hazardous structures, help stabilizing any slope or property,  and it can also provide removal of  any standing dead trees. 

In order to accept any assistance the owner should remit any help from insurance company for any work done like debris cleaning to the property. The programs are not applicable to any commercial property or any property that is part of a business group or an LLC.

The officials indicates that these debris removal effort are important to eliminate threats to local health and safety. As Sevierville builders start their construction effort to help with the rebuilding process, the debris removal program can improve public and private property value. Any home builder in Sevierville will tell you that such a new program is a great start to help improve our local economy.
Elick Combs and his Big City Remodeling company are ready and eager to be part of the  reconstruction process to help our community. Visit their website at or contact them at (865) 216-0223.