Sunday, January 14, 2018

Simple tips than can help lower energy bills

Simple tips than can help lower energy bills

Homeowner are always looking for ideas and ways to keep their energy bills at a minimum. If you are a future homeowner or thinking of building your dream home there are things you might consider that can lower your bills and save money. 

1.  Lower the temperature of your water tank
The Energy Department indicates that for every 10 degrees you reduce your water heater temperature you definitely save up to 3 to 5 percent on your monthly bills.  They recommend that you keep the temperature to 120 degree.

2. Reduce shower time
Everybody in your household can easily follow this simple tip. Reducing the shower time can really save you a lot, not just from your water bills but mostly your electric bills.  Most of  us also enjoy having a warm and relaxing bath every day after a very hectic schedule.  You can bring your energy bills down by reducing your bath time. This East TN builder recommends switching to a tankless water heater instead of a conventional water system.  

3. Use your dishwasher effectively
    Scraping leftovers from your plates before loading it, will help your dishwater run effectively and efficiently.  Only run it when full and make sure you check the different settings on your machine . 

4 Heat  traps for water tank
Another inexpensive way  that can help you save especially during the cold winter season is by installing heat traps for your water heater.  TN construction company indicates that these heat traps  are valves that prevent your heated water from flowing out of your tank.

5. Consider energy efficient appliances
Any custom homebuilders will highly recommend installing energy efficient appliances.  A stove or refrigerator with a energy star logo indicates that it has high energy efficiency and can really save you a lot by reducing your electric use.  Water fixtures with the WaterSense logo can help you lower your water bills and your energy consumption.

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